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How Microsoft Will Help To Track Legalised Marijuana Sales

Marijuana is a psychoactive substance that induces a dependency syndrome within its users. It is consumed either through smoking or brewed with tea and is known to give a ‘high’, causing negative psychological and behavioural changes, due to repeated recreational use.

The two major compounds of Marijuana - THC and CBD, however, are of medical interest.

While THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol is known to treat inflammations, muscle control problems and reduces pain; CBD or Cannabidiol is known to treat epileptic seizures, mental illness and many such ailments. Despite this, Marijuana is still prohibited by several countries on the federal level and its usage is debatable.

Microsoft has recently taken an uneven step of entering the flourishing industry of cannabis. It’s recent partnership with Kind Financial is all set to change the fate of Marijuana, by making it legally available in the market.

Kind Financial, a Californian company, provides a software to monitor and regulate the cannabis business lifecycle in accordance to the state laws. They, along with Microsoft (with their cloud platform, tools and services), will help the government and other cannabis business agencies to navigate the rules and regulations, while tracking Marijuana from ‘seed to sale’ in real time. The attempt is to legalize the growth of Marijuana using the ‘track and trace’ technology, while curbing it from reaching the black market. Following infographic reveals this in more detail


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